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A Luxury Pampering Treat - Tantric Massage

2 Hr - £180 - Bristol - A 50% deposit secures your appointment via PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

This Tantric Massage brings together ancient and magic touches of the Tantric TAO massage. Its understanding is to awaken and bring consciousness to each peak and valley of your body. It will slowly over a long period of time awaken senses and send shimmers through your body that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed yet aroused.  A sensual and flowing journey that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Key Highlights: -

  • Undressing Ritual
  • Body Salt Scrub Exfoliation
  • Slow, Sensual and All Over Long Body Massage
  • Cock Massage using TAO techniques
  • Facial Massage
  • Reiki Style Energy Channelling
  • Steamy Hot Shower
  • Herbal Tea Refreshment
  • Massage with Jason

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Your session with me starts with an undressing ritual. Using eye contact to for us to make a connection, I start by placing my hands on your body to make connection. Once that feels established I will then slowly undress  you.

Lying you down on the massage bed, I will start an exfoliation using Neals Yard Seaweed Salt Scrub. This will remove any dead skin cells leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. During the bathing ritual I will gentle wash away the salt scrub and lead you back to the massage table to commence your TAO Massage.

The TAO Massage uses specific knowledge of the bodies energy systems to awaken and arouse your erotic energy in a way that is gentle and awakening. Starting with your back, I will use a variety of slow moves across your body, sometimes long and sensual, other times shorter.

The beauty of this massages is that it gently strokes and awakens the sensual  erotic areas of the body. Arousing strokes across the rosebud will send shivers of erotic pulses through your body.

When I massage your legs, slow, steady, light touch will catch your breath as your erotic energy builds into a sensual shimmer through your body. Slow and conscious repetition of these moves will intensify the sensations you feel.

The front of the body is honoured with stimulating massage strokes again playing particular attention to your erogenous zones. Using conscious touch I will awaken your body as I channel energy into your body. As the massage continues the attention to your erotic energy slowly intensifies and typically (but not necessarily) results in your ejaculation. This can often feel like a shimmering and ecstatic sensation as I pay particular attention to giving you a longer cock massage applying a wide range of ancient techniques to take you into a higher state of arousal.

As the massage concludes, you'll receive a rejuvenating facial massage and a energy channelling experience to infuse you with universal light.

Your session concludes with a choice of herbal tea refreshment and the opportunity for a hot steamy shower to prepare you to be returned to the outside world.

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