Jon in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney


photo-gallery-2_resized_250.jpgA Tantric Massage is a great way to start exploring Tantra.

We start with some chakra breath work and a sacred undressing ritual.

I will then use some techniques designed to awaken your sexual energy and bring your awareness to the pleasure sensations you are feeling in your body.

During the session I incorporate a relaxing, ancient Tao style massage which is designed to open, activate and stimulate your erotic energy.

We are both naked during the session and I am using my sexual and spiritual energies to help you engage with your sensuality.

I have more than 20 years of massage experience and I use my intuition to work with an individual as they experience themselves more deeply through the Tantric Massage. Each person is different and reacts differently to a Tantric Session.

As well as a thorough full body massage we are also playing with your sexual and spiritual energies and you can expect energy ebbs and flows throughout the session.


Brisbane (Clayfield)

110 mins - $200


110 mins - $220 (50% deposit required by EFT to secure booking)


110 mins - $220 (50% deposit required by EFT to secure booking)

Tantric Tuition for Couples

Tantric Tuition is designed to take you on a journey that helps you learn and explore Tantric practices with your partner. It's a lovely way to increase intimacy in your relationship, learn about your own body and explore ways to bring him pleasure.Book Now

I offer six 2-hour sessions, each with a different focus that will give you a good foundation for you to be able to incorporate Tantra into your relationship. You are working with each other during these sessions while I provide you with guidance and support. There is no requirement to commit to all six sessions, you are welcome to book one session at a time.

120 mins - $240 (50% deposit required by EFT to secure booking)