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Why Do This?

A tropical island … a group of men who want to expand their experience of themselves and celebrate who they are as sexual beings … a nurturing, safe space where you can open your heart … where beautiful things will happen.
This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in love, transform your relationship to yourself as a sexual being and deepen your experiences of pleasure and sensation.
Tantra uses the most powerful energy that we have at our disposal, our sexual energy, for spiritual practice, to connect with what’s beyond us, however you may define that.
Tantra4GayMen specifically puts these practices into our own context as men who love men.
Have you been longing to find a spiritual practice that integrates your sexuality and your identity as a gay or bisexual man?
Would you like to learn ways to be more authentic, more intimate, more loving, and less inhibited?
Do you desire more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in your life?
Would you like to go beyond what you have already experienced?
Do you feel a longing to go deeper into your experience of Tantra?
If the answer is yes, then we would suggest that you have already taken the first step.
This retreat allows you the opportunity to remove yourself from your normal situation and be with other men in a learning environment where we use Tantra to increase our understandings of ourselves, our sex and our communities.
Entering into this program from a place of true openness and a willingness to work on yourself will produce many lasting rewards.


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A Typical Day

Our days are long and full of a variety of interesting activities and deep, deep teachings.
Here's what they look like.
Our days together typically start with Morning Meditation at 8am.
Here, we teach you a specific array of meditation techniques designed to develop the states of mind and body that you need to fully experience deeper Tantric states.
This is followed by a good healthy breakfast to set you up for the day.
After breakfast, we are in for our first Tantra Training Session.
An exciting combination of hands-on Tantra exercises, Tantric massage and touch, Tantric meditations, Tantric group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work.
Afterwards we will have lunch together, followed by quiet time where you can have some time for yourself, be in nature, and rest.
The afternoon programme starts with a Group Enquiry Session.
Time and space for you to reflect on your experiences and receive guidance, both verbal and non-verbal, on how to integrate Tantra to gain greater understandings about yourself.
Afternoon Tantra Training Session.
Even more hands-on and mind-altering Tantra exercises, Tantric massage and touch, Tantric meditations, Tantric group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work.
We will then have a beautiful relaxed dinner together. After dinner, it’s time to celebrate with our amazing Evening Tantra Rituals. We will use the techniques and insights learned for celebratory, yet profound Tantra Rituals - sometimes nurturing, sometimes more ecstatic - true celebrations of Tantra and of you and of the group. These will typically run until around 10.30pm.
Afterwards you will have enough time to relax however you want to.

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The Program
Are you looking for more satisfying ways to relate to other men? Are you longing for true intimacy? This program will help you to readjust existing relationships and manifest more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in your life.
Do you feel you have lost connection with yourself? Do you sometimes feel you have forgotten who you truly are and what your true purpose is? That you are lost in the mundane?
You will learn hands-on techniques to deeply feel and connect to yourself, with your inner truth and to express your desires.
Do you feel you are being “held back” from living fully?  Do you feel you lack the strength to address the issue of how to live fully? Have you had traumatic experiences that may constitute obstacles to this? Learn how you can re-learn these experiences and remove shame, guilt and judgment.
Would you like to spice up your life? To make it an incredible adventure? To change it from grey (or maybe it’s already colourful) to full technicolour?
Tantra puts you in direct connection with the incredible energies that underlie our existence and that we often lose the connections to. Learn to surf the wave of life rather than standing by and just observing.
Do you find mainstream gay culture somewhat superficial? Are you looking for connections with gay men to be more intimate, more loving? Come and experience a very special sense of community.

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  • Learn what your ecstatic body is and how to awaken it
  • Learn new ways to experience pleasure and overcome feeling shame or guilt about your body
  • Discover how to use masturbation to experience multiple types of orgasms
  • Learn how to expand orgasm, to heighten sensitivity to sexual energy, and to experience ecstasy
  • Learn how to deeply and meaningfully connect with yourself and with others
  • Learn new ways to relate to people and to make your relationships more fulfilling

What is Tantra?

You may have heard of Tantra before, but not many people know what it is about. While it may seem scary, the truth is that Tantra can be the key to you releasing your sexual energy and discovering a side of yourself that you never knew existed.
We use Tantra to take you on a journey of self-discovery. Through the use of sexual energy, we explore the most pleasurable sensations your mind and body can experience, which have sent many into multi-orgasmic bliss.

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Tantra, or more specifically, Neo-Tantra (which is what we teach), is a synthesis of old and new practices of spiritual development.
Tantra, in its original meaning, is a Buddhist pathway to increase your consciousness and awareness of your true inner nature.
In Neo-Tantra, modernised versions of these methods are combined with elements from humanistic psychology, sex therapy, bodywork, and elements from the new-age context.
Neo-Tantra’s objective is your total freedom: From your own ego, from your own self-debilitating thought processes, and from everything that gets in the way of you being an ecstatic and blissful man.
Above all, Tantra is all about direct experience of the numinous:
  • Experience bolts of ecstasy that you don;t even comprehend.
  • Experience bliss that transforms the way you perceive life.
  • Experience making love with the universe and the universe making love with you.
  • Experience healing yourself from the limitations of your life's conditioning.
  • Experience the incredible exhilaration of changing yourself, to choose who you desire to be in this world and change what you're unhappy about.
Tantra is an experience, one that will allow you to feel a sense of enlightenment and become one with the world around you.  When you open yourself up to what these rituals and practices can provide, you become able to achieve a level of excitement and pleasure you never knew you could reach.

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Jason is the founder of Tantra4GayMen in the UK and USA and has been teaching Tantra for 13 years. Over 10,000 men have attended his work.
Jon is a Tantric masseur and has been teaching Tantra for the last 2 years and frequently facilitates groups in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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Jason and Jon are collaborating to create a unique, orgasmic and blissful experience of Tantra that supports you to elevate into the higher conscious states as part of a spiritual journey.
Not shy of sexual energy and not shy of the spiritual, this retreat is a fusion of Sexual Energy to Spirit that will give you an un-paralleled experience and understanding of the Tantric path.


Dates: Sunday 2 Feb @ 3pm – Fri 7 Feb @ 3pm, 5 days (4 full days + 2 half days)
Accommodation: Luxury Villas, shared rooms and bathrooms
Food: We will be enjoying the gourmet delights of our talented chef who will be making wholesome, healthy meals. Special diets are catered for.
Workshop Format: This is a residential workshop; accommodation and meals are included in the price. On one evening we will have a dinner at a nearby restaurant (not included in workshop price).
Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
Flights connect to Koh Samui airport via Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. You would need to organise your own flights and travel insurance (not included in workshop price). We would encourage you to add on some time before and/or after the Retreat to enjoy some holiday time and that is why you need to be responsible for your own flight/insurance bookings.
Price:  $ 2,499
This Includes:
  • Tantric Tuition
  • Accommodation in a shared room in a luxury villa on Koh Samui
  • Meals and snacks (one evening we will have a dinner at a nearby restaurant, not included in workshop price)
  • Transport for any excursions during the program
*Please note that your flight and insurance costs are not included in this price*
If you want to pay in Instalments
We are happy to offer you to pay in monthly instalments. For this we ask for a 9% surcharge on the total amount to cover additional card processing fees and admin time. If you choose the instalments option, we will come back to you with a payment plan before we start to collect any payments.